Zombie Gnomes are Risen! Your Garden Will Never be the Same

Zombie GnomesGarden gnomes everywhere are turning. Prepare for the undead zombie gnome apocalypse!

Frighten children, dogs and especially the neighbors normal gnomes with these terrifying zombie gnomes.

Made of designer composite resin and hand painted with weather resistant paint, these zombie gnomes are sure to get some double-takes.

Invite the brain-craving undead gnome army into your garden with the Zombie Crawler Gnome and Undead Standing Gnome here on Amazon with hilarious customer reviews.

Garden Zombie Gnomes Review

As a horror fan, I’d always dreamed of giving my front yard a spooky ambiance to unsettle passersby at Halloween. But the normal garden gnomes dotting my flowerbeds were far too cheerful for scares.

When I discovered the garden zombie gnomes, I knew my yard haunt fantasies would finally come alive! These ghoulish statues would transform my garden into an eerie landscape perfect for creeping out trick-or-treaters.

On Halloween night, little goblins and ghouls wandered down my fog-filled walkway utterly transfixed by the gruesome trail of undead gnomes. One menacing statue was frozen mid-lurch reaching hungrily towards visitors with his last functioning arm.

Further down the path, a legless zombie gnome sat helplessly next to his detached lower half. Spine-chillingly awesome! The walking dead had officially invaded my garden in the best way.

Some features that make these zombie gnomes a ghoulish Halloween gift:

  • Hand-painted undead details like missing limbs and bloody teeth.
  • Heavy-duty composite resin construction stands up to elements.
  • Pair of hand painted zombies, one standing and one crawling, for freaky garden fun.
  • Weighs about 1.25 pounds and 7″ tall for the armless standing zombie and 7″ long for the zombie crawler gnome.

Beyond impressing trick-or-treaters, these walking dead lawn gnomes also deterred garden pests and prowlers with their foreboding presence. A ghoulish win-win!


  • Gruesomely detailed statues liven up yards with frightful fun.
  • High quality and weather-resistant for long-lasting horror.
  • Available with free delivery on Amazon.


  • Grotesque gore makes them not suitable for the squeamish.
  • Can startle the faint of heart who aren’t expecting a zombie ambush.

If your outdoor space needs a haunting new twist, these zombie gnomes are just the ghastly touch you need. Perfect for indulging your creepy decorating side while warding off potential intruders. Just beware of stray zombies attempting to nibble your brains after dark!


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