FireGlass: Fire Pit Glass Rocks

FireGlass — Ice on Fire!

Fireglass dramatically changes your fireplace or fire pit. Replace dirty and tired looking burning logs, lava rocks or coal with elegant fireglass and completely transform the look of any living room with a fireplace or outdoor fire area. Fireglass is pure tempered glass polished to sparkle like diamonds with flames dancing across them. It’s not […]

Spider Head Massager

Sensual Scalp Sensations with the Rainbow Spider Head Massager

This is one spider you’ll actually like! Spider head massagers stimulate the many pressure points on your scalp for a unique tingling sensation followed by deep relaxation. Perfect for unwinding after a hard day at the office. Batteries aren’t needed and you can use it on yourself, or better still, rope someone into being your personal […]

Ocean Wave Night Light Projection Lamp

Ocean Wave Night Light Projector and Music Player

Project the ocean onto the ceiling above you while playing your favorite music. This beautiful Ocean Wave night light projection lamp rotates through beautiful waves of blue, red, green lights and stunning multicolors. You can set it the one you like the best or just let it create ever changing patterns on any surface you point […]

Pinecone Ceiling Shade

Beautify Your Living Room with this Unique Pinecone Ceiling Shade

Surely a beautiful talking point for any living room or master bedroom, this interesting Pinecone Inspired Ceiling Shade illuminates with a soft ambient light. Scandinavian designed and made from real oak wood, at 9.84 inches wide and deep it’s not a small light fitting and probably not for smaller rooms. Something like this deserves the […]

Magical Colored Flames for Your Fire

Magical Colored Flames for Your Fire

If you like a good campfire or Winter fireplace then you’ll love Magical Flames color changing fire packets. Just throw a packet or two into a campfire, firepit or fireplace and watch the flames turn brilliant greens, blues, reds and purples! It really does look like magic and you can enjoy the beautiful colored flames […]

Rainy Pot cloud waterer

Rainy Pot — For Cute and Happy Pot Plants

Rainy Pots hang on indoor or outdoor walls and are designed to gently water your pot plants so their roots aren’t damaged and the grow stronger and happier. You fill the cute clouds above the pot plant with water and it slowly drips down like rain. It’s a simple idea that both looks good and […]

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

Color Changing Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser and Ultrasonic Humidifier

This beautiful aromatherapy essential oil diffuser will make your home smell amazing while humidifying your living space to combat dry air and harmful airborne germs. With a mist making ultrasonic humidifier like this you’ll never have to suffer from dry, flaky skin or chapped lips again during the colder months. Just fill this all in one […]

Light up moon for wall

Super Moon In My Room — Lunar Night Light

Illuminate your children’s bedroom with this vivid and realistic moon. It attaches to any wall and features a built-in lunar clock that matches the current phase of the moon, all controlled by remote control. It’s detailed to look just like the real moon and includes a solar eclipse light effect as well as the ability […]

Gooseneck Cell Phone & Tablet Holder

The Super-Flexible Gooseneck Smartphone & Tablet Holder

As smartphones and especially tablets have grown in popularity so have ways to use them without having to constantly hold onto them. The best of these have a bendable gooseneck and an adjustable holder for all kinds of smartphones and tablets like iPads. Unlike some others, this gooseneck device holder has a soft silicone grip to protect against scratching and it can fit any […]

Melting Shelf Clock

Freak Out Your Friends with the Melting Shelf Clock

Normal clocks are so boring they’d be better melted. So someone did! The melting clock’s angled design adds to the effect and instead of hanging it on the wall you place it on a counter, windowsill, bookcase, shelf or desk so that it seems like it’s slipping off the edge. In fact 2 supporting pegs […]

Lil' Holster

Keep Track of the Little Things in Life with Lil’ Holster

The Lil’ Holster clings securely to virtually any smooth surface and is the perfect storage solution for all those smaller things that usually end up lost or a mess. Use it in the shower for razors and toiletries; in the bathroom for brushes, makeup, toothbrushes and toothpaste; in the kitchen beside the sink; off your […]

Bamboo Keyboard

Handcrafted Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse: Eco-friendly Office Cool

The natural and environmentally friendly way to search for the latest celebrity gossip and funny cat videos. This wireless keyboard and optical mouse combo is handmade from real bamboo. Anti-static, anti-bacterial, easy to clean and it even smells good. Many reviewers comment on just how good the chunky bamboo keys feel to the touch and […]

Cyber Clean Magic Cleaning Putty for Keyboards

Cyber Clean: The Magic Cleaning Putty for Keyboards

Cyber Clean is a new non-toxic cleaning putty is effective at removing 99.99% of harmful particles that live on everyday surfaces. It’s particularly good at getting deep into all the cracks and crevices in hard to reach places like between keyboard keys. While this putty is quite fun and easy to use, if we could actually see […]

Succulent Living Wall

The Vertical Succulent Living Wall in a Redwood Frame

This picture frame is alive! This Vertical Succulent Living Wall comes pre-populated with a variety of beautiful, yet hardy succulent plants. They are very low maintenance, rarely need water and can thrive in both shade & sun. Hang it inside on any wall, outside on a balcony where space is at a premium or as a centerpiece […]