Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for the Shower

Wireless Waterproof SpeakerDo you love to sing in the shower but need your music to sing along with Miley and Justin?

Can’t afford to miss a call while you’re washing your hair? Then this wireless waterproof speaker might just be perfect for you.

It sticks to any surface, has great sound, can skip songs, increase or decrease the volume and even answer phone calls with the built in microphone, all while you dance around under the shower.

Using Bluetooth it connects to any smartphone and plays for up to 15 hours (though some reviewers say it lasts for months).

Check the price and see all the different colors here. Lots of reviews too, including videos. This one is popular!

SoundBot Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speakers Review

So, you’ve decided that your shower singing needs a Grammy audience, and what better way to achieve that than with the “best waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the shower” – the Soundbot SB510 HD Bluetooth bathroom speaker.

Let’s start with the groundbreaking technology that this waterproof marvel boasts. With a Bluetooth range that extends all the way to my neighbor’s house, I’m now serenading them with my shower renditions whether they like it or not.

The suction cup, a technological marvel, adheres to my shower wall like a determined barnacle, making sure this wireless bathroom speaker is always there to backup my shower singing.


  • Waterproof Wonder: The Soundbot SB510 shower speaker is so waterproof it has survived more splashes than an overenthusiastic toddler in a kiddie pool.
  • Bluetooth Brilliance: Connecting to my phone is as easy as pie. A pie with a Bluetooth chip, of course. The Soundbot pairs effortlessly, ensuring that the only thing complicated about this speaker is my questionable song choices.
  • Cheap as Chips: This waterproof shower speakers with Bluetooth won’t dent the wallet. It’s probably cheaper than your fancy brand name bath gel.


  • Sound Quality: This is a pretty tiny speaker and the sound it delivers isn’t going to come remotely close to beating your expensive Bose speakers, especially over the noise of shower spray. Still, it’s better than nothing, right?

The Soundbot waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for those who want a shower experience that combines hot water, music and bad singing each morning. It might not be the Beethoven of speakers, but it does the job at a cheap price. See it here on Amazon with thousands of positive customer reviews.

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