Super Moon In My Room — Lunar Night Light

Super-Moon-In-My-RoomIlluminate your children’s bedroom with this vivid and realistic moon. It attaches to any wall and features a built-in lunar clock that matches the current phase of the moon, all controlled by remote control.

It’s detailed to look just like the real moon and includes a solar eclipse light effect as well as the ability to play soothing nighttime sounds and moon landing sound effects. An automatic timer-switch turns the moon’s light off after 30 minutes.

The Super Moon In My Room is a fascinating gift for parents looking for both a comforting nightlight and a way to inspire children to learn more about space and the solar system.

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Review of the Super Moon In My Room Night Light

As a space lover, I’d always dreamed of gazing up at the glowing moon and celestial sights from the comfort of my own bedroom. But the moon phase poster I had felt static and lifeless, especially on cloudy nights when the real moon was hidden. When I discovered the Super Moon In My Room glowing lunar orb, I realized I could finally bask under the moon’s ethereal glow whenever I pleased!

The very first night after installing my new moon phase light, I clicked it on and gasped as the detailed lunar surface illuminated before my eyes. No matter the weather outside, I now had a breathtaking view of the cosmic companion I had only witnessed distantly before. With the touch of a button, I could cruise through all the lunar cycles, appreciating the moon’s intricate details and pearlescent glow.

Here’s what makes the Super Moon wall light mesmerizing:

  • Realistically detailed 3D moon surface right down to the craters.
  • 12 Light-up lunar phases – simulate moon phases from full to new moon and even solar eclipse light mode.
  • Nighttime and moon landing sound effects.
  • Remote control lets you change phases from bed.

Beyond just stargazing, the warm moonlight helped relax and prepare my mind for sleep. Its tranquil glow created a peaceful ambiance for reading or journaling before bed. Turning my room into a lunar lookout has been a game changer!


  • Lets you experience the moon’s splendor regardless of weather/seasons.
  • Educational and customizable light up moon on the wall for space lovers.
  • Popular and inexpensive children’s or big kids gift. Check the current price on this popular listing on Amazon.


  • This moon night light requires 6 AA batteries.

For skywatchers seeking celestial serenity, the Super Moon In My Room is the ultimate at-home moon gazing experience. Its celestial glow and phases transport you lightyears beyond any poster. Time to enjoy lunar beauty on your schedule – rain or moonshine!

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