Super Jumbo Playing Cards! Fun for the Whole Family

Jumbo-CardsTraditional playing cards only super jumbo sized! This huge deck of 52 suited cards and 2 jokers makes any card game so much more fun to play. Kids can even make epic card castles with them.

8 times larger than a standard deck of cards, each 8-1/4 inch by 11-3/4 inch card is printed on heavy-duty card stock and coated on both sides for extra durability.

The perfect gift for the budding gambler (though a little hard to hide up your sleeve).

Lots of positive customer feedback here on Amazon for these giant poker cards.

Super Jumbo Playing Cards Review

I like to host fun poker nights with my friends but was tired of squinting to see the tiny print on standard sized playing cards on game night. What I really wanted was a deck of cards as big and bold as the stakes in our friendly wagering. When I discovered these Super Jumbo 8-1/4″ x 11-3/4″ playing cards, I knew poker night vision clarity was finally within reach!

The ginormous cards arrived and we eagerly dealt in our inaugural giant hand. The sprawling Ace of Spades alone was almost as big as a coffee table! We fanned out handfuls of massive cards, resembling tiny children trying to manage adult-sized accessories. But being able to clearly see suits, numbers, and faces was a revelation compared to our usual peering and guessing. These were perfect for boisterous 3AM poker games when card visibility suffered most.

Here’s what makes these giant playing cards ideal for a fun night of poker:

  • 8-1/4″ x 11-3/4″ heavy-duty card stock coated on both sides.
  • Vibrant full-color printing and oversized elements.
  • Traditional deck including all 52 cards, two jokers and poker rules.

Beyond poker, we found the jumbo decks ideal for outdoor lawn games in the breeze. No more searching for stray cards blown astray!


  • Massive size allows for easy visibility and handling.
  • Durable construction for messy gameplay.


  • Pretty difficult to efficiently shuffle due to giant size.
  • These definitely won’t fit in card shufflers or standard card accessory sizes.

If late night poker visibility has you consistently squinting, upgrade to these Super Jumbo playing cards. The insanely sizable design makes every game night hand larger than life. Just be ready to learn some expansive new card shuffling and handling techniques!

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