The So Freakin Awesome Coffee Mug — Morning Awesomeness!

Trying-to-be-awesome-mugKnow someone who’s awesome? Tell them with this brilliant coffee mug.

Maybe you just need to remind everyone else of the obvious with your morning java!

A big 11oz, this mug is professionally printed and makes a great gift or your new favorite cup for coffee.

Over 750 5 star ratings say it all. This one is popular!

Personal Review of the So Freakin Awesome Coffee Mug

Mornings have never been my forte. I shuffle about in a zombie-like state, barely functioning until that first sip of coffee splashes awareness into my brain. Most days I felt more like the walking dead than a #bossbabe ready to tackle the day. That’s why the So Freakin Awesome coffee mug has been life-changing for me and my under-caffeinated disposition.

The first morning with my new mantra mug, I brewed a strong batch of dark roast and filled ‘er up. Raising the bold lettering to my lips, I took that first precious sip. As the warm brew washed through me, it was like the words imprinted directly onto my cells, overriding the every morning curse of grogginess. I could suddenly feel awesomeness coursing through my veins! By the last drop, I was ready to tackle the day with the power of 100 productivity gurus.

Here’s what makes this coffee mug so game-changing:

  • Large 11 oz capacity means more coffee = more awesome
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe for convenience
  • Bold text inspires and motivates with each sip
  • Thick ceramic construction keeps drinks hot and hands happy

I soon noticed an uptick in my mental clarity and creativity. Solutions seem to flow faster now that I’m coffee-fueled by unbridled awesome. It’s amazing how a few small words can make a big impact!


  • Daily dose of motivation & caffeine in one vessel.
  • Boosts productivity and powers you through grogginess.
  • Less than a couple of Starbucks and free delivery here on Amazon.


  • Potential for overly-caffeinated cockiness from feeling overly awesome.

Truly, the So Freakin Awesome mug has turned mornings from my arch nemesis into something I look forward to. As soon as I fill it up, that bold print puts my brain in the ideal mindset to seize the day. My only regret is that I didn’t have it sooner!

So if you’re looking to give your mornings a boost, don’t just reach for coffee – reach for the power of positivity with this mug. Feel that awesomeness wash over you and make every day freakin’ fantastic! It’s amazing how a little jolt of java and jolt of joy sets your attitude up for success.

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