Sneak In Your Drinks with the Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask

Hidden drink flaskNeed to sneak your drink into a concert, poolside bar, sporting match, boring work meetings?

These brilliant hidden flasks look just like sunscreen tubes but actually hold the alcohol of your choice. Up to 16 ounces of the good stuff with the two sunscreen tubes.

They come with an extra wide mouth and have a small funnel included to fill up. The screw cap provides an air-tight seal to prevent any leaking of liquid and you’d have to be seriously unlucky to have security check these.

Number 1 bestseller in Amazon for secret drink flasks and well rated. Read more customer stories here.

Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask Review

Summer was fast approaching, which meant two things: slathering on sunscreen and discretely sipping wine by the pool. If only there was a way to combine these pursuits into one convenient activity! My dreams came true when I discovered the hidden sunscreen alcohol bottle. No more awkwardly smuggling flasks or mixing sun protection and libations in my hands – this genius 2-in-1 product was the perfect poolside companion!

The family beach vacation was my chance to test it out. I rubbed some “sunscreen” on my arms and took a swig from the secret flask when no one was looking. The discreet alcohol bottle design blended right in with the other sunbathers oiling up. I passed the flask off to my husband under the guise of reapplying and watched happily as he took a turn with our covert wine container. The kids never suspected a thing as we slathered on our “protective” lotion!

Some main features of this secret sunscreen bottle flask:

  • 16 oz bottle looks just like your average sunscreen container
  • Twist-off sunscreen cap reveals discreet pour spout
  • Lets you secretly sip your booze anywhere – beach, park, stadiums!
  • Provides SPF fun-in-the-sun whenever the mood strikes

We couldn’t get enough of our sunscreen alcohol bottle – it became our trusty poolside companion. The family’s numerous reapplications helped camouflage our clandestine sips throughout the day. We saved a bundle on overpriced pool bars thanks to our stash of vodka-screen.


  • Blends in seamlessly for discreet day drinking
  • No more awkward flask smuggling or questionable mixology
  • Cheap for a 2 ‘sunscreen’ bottle pack and ranked number 1 here on Amazon.


  • Keeping track of which bottle is booze and which one sunscreen can be tricky
  • Potential for very interesting sunburns if you get things wrong after too many drinks

By the end of the trip, we were sold – we now exclusively travel with our covert sunscreen bottle flasks. Beaches, ball games, BBQs – anywhere we need both alcohol and UV protection, this secret flask has us covered! No more juggling beverages and lotion bottles. And we love seeing the joy on friends’ faces when we offer them some “sunscreen” from our very special container.

So skip the sketchy plastic baggies and public intoxication charges. Bring your sunscreen and spirits together in one place with the ingenious hidden sunscreen alcohol flask! Just remember – drink responsibly and reapply often!

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