The Progressive Can Colander — A Simple Timesaver

Can-Colander-400x523This handy can strainer quickly drains all the liquid from canned tuna, vegetables and any other food that comes in a can.

You simply place this can colander over the opening and press to get rid of all that salty brine or unhealthy oil.

Safe and easy to use, it also keeps fingers free from fishy smells and is dishwasher safe.

A low price on Amazon for this helpful addition to your kitchen.

Progressive Can Colander Review

Rating: ★★★★★

I really like to cook at home and often use canned foods. What’s always annoying with them though is trying to properly drain tuna, beans, corn or other canned veggies.  The little Progressive Can Colander is areal time saver as it makes straining so simple.

The first time I popped open a can of chickpeas and placed it in the can drainer the water quickly flowed out the bottom, leaving perfectly drained beans behind. No splashing, no spills – just crisp, easy drainage directly from the can. It works for any normal sized can making liquid-free beans and tuna in no time with zero mess.

Here’s what makes the Progressive Can Strainer a little kitchen hero:

  • Securely fits directly onto cans.
  • BPA-free material safe for food use.
  • Cleanup is easy – dishwasher safe.


  • Eliminates mess and need for additional strainers or bowls.
  • Creates clutter-free experience from can to recipe.


  • None that I can see. This can strainer is super cheap on Amazon and has over 11,000 customer reviews with a very positive rating of 4.6 stars.

For home cooks who rely on canned ingredients, the Progressive Can Colander is an ingenious mess-minimizing tool that streamlines your food prep. Kiss goodbye to dripping, splashing canned goods and say hello to breezy, spill-free draining instead!

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