Brighten Up Your Desk with Pooleaf Grass Pens

Pooleaf-Grass-PenSwap your pen holder for a bright green grass pot plant with Pooleaf grass pens.

This pack of 12 grass leaf shaped pens come in 3 different shades and brightens up any boring office desk.

Made of comfortable silicone and easy to write with at the base, the feathery ends of these grass pens even sway gently in the breeze or airconditioning.

An inexpensive yet memorable secret santa office gift or children’s present with many positive customer stories here.

Review of Pooleaf Grass Pens

As a writer, I’m always seeking ways to connect more deeply with nature to boost my creativity. Yet being stuck inside typing away all day left me feeling so…artificially sterile.

I longed for a way to capture the organic magic of the outdoors from the comfort of my desk. That’s when I discovered Pooleaf Grass Pens – finally, writing instruments literally growing inspiration right from my desktop!

As soon as I took hold of my Pooleaf Grass Blade Pen, creativity came budding to life. Whenever I’d feel writer’s block creeping in, I’d gently stroke the soft, fuzzy leaves and inspiration would instantly flow through me. My fingers turned as green as my grassy pens, tenderly caressing their leafy tips to stimulate sentence after sentence.

Watching the ethereal blades waft gently as I wrote reminded me to embrace the organic ebb and flow of life. My words became as fluid and effortless as blowing grass on a breezy meadow.



  • May get lost in the grass if you’re writing in your backyard.

Pooleaf brought the splendor of nature right to my desktop oasis. Whenever I need a creativity boost, I reach for these soft green pens and let the grass blades tickle my fingers and sprinkle inspirational chlorophyll on my words. They’re perfect for writers, poets, artists or anyone seeking an organic creativity infusion.

Let Pooleaf Grass Leaf Pens help you channel the muses and write with the natural splendor of the outdoors right at your fingertips. Your creative juices and inner zen will be flowing faster than you can say photosynthesis!

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