Ocean Wave Night Light Projector and Music Player

Ocean-wave-projector-735x3800Project the ocean onto the ceiling above you while playing your favorite music.

This beautiful Ocean Wave night light projection lamp rotates through beautiful waves of blue, red, green lights and stunning multicolors. You can set it the one you like the best or just let it create ever changing patterns on any surface you point it at.

You can plug in an iPod, smartphone or other device that plays music with an audio jack and play it through the Ocean Wave’s built in speaker. It has an automatic shut off after an hour so you can go to sleep with it on and it will shut down on it’s own.

Fascinating for children and perfect whenever you want to relax in the bedroom, lounge room or bathroom with calming, rolling waves. A great gift but one you’ll probably want to keep for yourself once you try it.

Check the price of this bestseller, with customer reviews and pictures and videos from inside people’s homes here.

Ocean Wave Projector Review

After a chaotic day, I longed for a way to bring the serene sights and sounds of the sea into my home to unwind. Nightly meditation beside my regular lamp just wasn’t cutting it. When I discovered the Ocean Waves Projector, I knew I had found the ticket to transporting my living room straight to tropical tranquility. A few clicks, and these simulated seas would soothe away the stresses of the day.

The first night with my new water light projector was nothing short of magical. I dimmed the lights, hit play, and watched in awe as shimmering blue-green waves danced across my walls and ceiling. I could almost feel a seaside breeze when closing my eyes as the soothing ocean audio filled the air. It was like having a portable pocket of paradise in my very own home!

Some main features that make the Ocean Wave Projector a must-have:

  • Beautiful multi-colored LED projection of ocean waves onto the ceiling or wall with 8 different selections and 12 brightness levels.
  • 4 different choices of built in soothing sounds – waves and seagulls; night forest, flowing water, and nature music.
  • Play your own music from your phone, MP3 player or other devices with the included audio cable.
    45 degree angle adjustable display, 1H, 4H, 8H auto off timer and brightness controls to customize the ambiance.
  • Remote control for convenient control of rotation, volume, timing, brightness, lighting modes and music playback from across the room.

With my new indoor ocean escape, suddenly everything seemed more tranquil and manageable. The worries of the day melted away as I focused on the endlessly flowing waves. It was the perfect pre-sleep relaxation ritual I had been missing.

The Pros:

  • This multicolor ocean wave light projector transports you to peaceful seaside scenes with its soothing sights and sounds.
  • Promotes relaxation and sleep via soft music and meditative ambiance.
  • An inexpensive bestseller available here on Amazon with free delivery.

The Cons:

  • Takes some time to learn the different controls.
  • Comes with a short usb cord, but no adapter to plug it into the wall. Though almost everyone has one of those now to charge their phones.

For anyone seeking an immersive, portable ocean getaway without the flight costs, the Ocean Wave Projector is a must-have state of mind transformer. The sights and sounds fill your personal space with a meditative tranquility perfect for melting away stress. Don’t just dream of ocean waves – dive into your own private sea of serenity anytime!


  1. Are you still selling these? For how much?

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