Nap Anywhere with the Ostrich Sleeping Pillow

OstrichPillowThe awesome ostrich pillow is perfect for napping at your desk, on public transport, at the airport or on a plane.

It turns just about anywhere into a relaxing place to catch some much needed shut eye.

Much more comfortable than old blow up neck pillows, the ostrich pillow covers your eyes and keeps things dark with a place for both your arms and a large area for your nose and mouth.

Naps are proven to be good for you so join the napping revolution and sleep in comfort wherever and whenever you want with the ostrich pillow.

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Review of the Ostrich Napping Pillow

As a busy professional and parent, I barely have time to sleep, let alone actually nap. By 3pm I’m usually searching for the nearest caffeine IV drip to get through the rest of the day. That’s why I was intrigued when I stumbled upon the completely weird Ostrich Pillow – could this bizarre over-the-head napping pillow really deliver sweet midday slumber anywhere? I had to find out.

The big day arrived and I proudly unveiled my new ostrich napping pillow at the office. Slipping my head into its cozy fleece hood, I drew the front flap closed like a comfy human cocoon. My coworkers giggled as I laid my head down on my desk, plunged into total darkness. But their skepticism soon turned to envy as I began snoring peacefully, completely oblivious to the office hustle around me.

Here’s what make the Ostrich the ultimate napping pillow:

  • Fleece hood cocoons your head in complete darkness
  • Ergonomic design allows for instant sleep anywhere
  • Front flap and side arms block out light and sound
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning between siestas

This completely unique head pillow provided the private oasis I needed to recharge. I was napping at my desk, in waiting rooms, even standing in line at the bank! The ostrich pillow transformed previously wasted moments into blissful siesta time.

The Pros:

  • Instant portable darkness for power naps anywhere, anytime.
  • Super soft fleece plus memory foam = dreamy sleep.

The Cons:

  • Requires dedication to ignore stares and comments from onlookers as you put the ostrich pillow on.
  • Risk of walking into walls/traffic mid-snooze if unrestrained.

Soon I wasn’t the only office ostrich – before long, dozens of over-the-head pillowed coworkers were napping at desks. Productivity soared and employee morale was never higher! We even had impromptu pillow fights to blow off steam.

From harried parents to overworked executives, anyone in need of quick refreshing sleep should get their hands on the Ostrich Pillow. Just slip it on and escape into your own private nest-away-from-nest, even in the most unlikely locales. Find it here on Amazon. Sweet dreams are just a hood away!


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