Mystical Rainbow Flame Crystals: Transforms Any Fire

Magic FireCalling all pyromaniacs, wannabe magicians and any parents that would rather have the kids detach from their phone for half an hour and watch the fireplace or campfire instead.

Just sprinkle a few shakes of these Rainbow Fireplace Flame Crystals onto any fire to create spectacular and mystical green and blue flames.

These Rainbow Flame Crystals work with any indoor or outdoor wood fire and can be used with fireplaces, fire pits and camp fires with dazzling effect.

Use this over Christmas or Thanksgiving and make your fireplace the center of conversation or just the next time you’re out camping.

There’s 12 Rainbow Fireplace Flame Crystals in a pack and they last about 30 minutes each.

Surprisingly good value here for both small and big kids whenever you have a campfire.

Rainbow Flame Crystals: An Overview

If you want to ignite your fireplace with a vibrant display of colors, Rainbow Fire Crystals are an easy, inexpensive solution. These all-natural mineral salts produce a dazzling array of hues when heated, transforming an ordinary fire into a magical experience.

When you sprinkle the crystals over glowing coals, the minerals create a colorful show as the fire warms them. Reds, greens, blues, and yellows dance and shimmer, putting on a fiery light spectacle. The rainbow effect lasts for 10-15 minutes and you can keep adding crystals for an ongoing color festival.

The crystals come in a resealable tub and there’s enough for several applications. For the best results, throw them into a fire that has burnt down to the coals rather than one with raging flames.

The more crystals you add, the more vibrant and longer-lasting the display will be. The colors change as the fire heats the minerals, so you’ll see different hues emerge and blend as the temperature rises.

At under $15, Rainbow Flame Crystals are an affordable way to transform your fireplace into an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors. Your fireplace will never look the same again!

Using Rainbow Flame Crystals in Your Fireplace

Multicolor campfire flamesOnce you have your multicolor flame crystals, it’s time to add them to your fireplace and enjoy the show.

Adding the Crystals

Carefully sprinkle the crystals over the logs or coals in your fireplace. Start with about 1/4 of the packet and add more as needed. The more crystals you add, the more vibrant the flames will become.

For wood-burning fireplaces, add the crystals once you have a nice bed of hot coals or a small fire going. The crystals need the heat and flame to activate, so add them to an already burning fire.

Unfortunately these fire color crystals are not recommended for use in gas units or in fires that will be used to prepare food later on in the evening. Only use them after you’ve finished cooking.

Maximizing the Effect

You can add more fire crystals for an even more dramatic effect. But don’t overdo it, especially at first. Start with a little and add more over time. Refuel and restock the crystals as needed to keep the fire and light show going.

Are Rainbow Fire Crystals Worth the Hype?

If you’re looking to add some color and pizzazz to your fireplace experience, Rainbow Flame crystals may be just the trick. These mineral crystals are designed to produce vibrant flames in a variety of hues when tossed onto an open fire. But are these colorful crystals all hype or do they really ignite a showstopper?

When the crystals are exposed to the extreme heat of an open fire, the mineral compounds within the crystals causes the flames to turn bright shades of red, green and blue. The actual colors produced will depend on factors like the temperature of the fire and amount of oxygen.

More crystals added at once will produce a more dramatic effect. The colors tend to be most vivid right after tossing the crystals in, so have your camera ready!

For under $15 here on Amazon, Rainbow Flame crystals seem like a fun and inexpensive way to transform your fireplace into a colorful focal point.

Rainbow flamesHowever, some customer reviewers note that the effects only last 10-15 minutes per application. You’ll need to reapply the crystals to keep the color show going for longer periods.

The crystals can also produce some crackling and popping sounds as they burn, which some people don’t like. Proper ventilation is also important since the crystals can release some toxic fumes when burned. Best to not sit too close or down wind of them.

If you’re willing to reapply the crystals and take proper safety precautions then these incredible rainbow colored flame crystals can be a fun, inexpensive way to spice up a cozy fire.

They’re easy to use and provide an instant burst of color that’s sure to ignite conversation among family and friends. For an even more dramatic rainbow flame, use a higher volume of crystals and make sure your fire pit is radiating a lot of heat before adding them.

The hype around Rainbow Flame crystals seems justified if you go in with realistic expectations. These crystals provide an easy, temporary way to transform your fireplace experience into a colorful event. Follow the directions and safety precautions and have extra crystals on hand to keep the rainbow flames burning bright all night.


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