Make Amazing Waffles with the Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Maker

Egg-Waffle-MakerThe unique Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Iron creates delicious puffy egg waffles that are crispy on the outside and melt in the mouth soft on the inside.

This specially designed and USA made waffle pan has a rugged construction and PFOA-free nonstick cooking surface for stick-free release of your waffles. The hinged and interlocking waffle pans separate for easy cleanup whenever you make up these amazing waffles for breakfast or brunch.

Waffle mixture recipe included and a 10 year warranty on this bubble waffle pan.

An unusual gift idea or just a great addition to your kitchen, the Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Maker is availableĀ at Amazon here.

Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Maker Review

I’m someone with a weekend breakfast sweet tooth, so I’m always seeking new ways to expand my morning menu. But standard waffles had become boring, and pancake varieties were long since exhausted.

When I discovered the Nordic Ware egg waffle pan, I realized fluffy bubble waffles could finally bring new life to my mornings! This bubble waffle iron would let me become an egg puff waffle maestro in my own kitchen.

The first Sunday morning with my cast iron egg waffle maker completely changed the breakfast game. I poured bubbly batter onto the spherical indentations and watched in awe as it transformed into a puffy, golden bubble waffle.

The crispy outside and warm, custardy interior was like nothing I had tasted – I could see why these were a breakfast obsession overseas! Soon I was experimenting with new batter recipes and mix-in combinations, taking my waffle expertise to new heights.

Here’s what makes the Nordic Ware pan perfect for Hong Kong egg waffle creation:

  • Specialized pan for picture-perfect egg puff waffles.
  • Spherical molds create distinctive bubble shape.
  • Nonstick coating for easy waffle release and cleaning.
  • Heat retention for quick, crispy waffle puff exteriors.

The shapely indents give such a fun tactile experience compared to flat, boring waffle irons. And the grid-free interior means endless possibilities for pockets of berries, chocolate and more



  • Requires some trial and error to get the ideal heat and batter thickness for perfect bubble puff shapes.
  • Handwashing recommended.

If you think you’ve tried every type of waffle, think again! The Nordic Ware waffle puff pan opens up a whole new realm of possibility for weekend breakfast magic. Perfectly golden, puffy waffles are now just a pour away anytime you crave that crispy egg puff experience. Sunday mornings will never be the same!

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