Lock Up Your Whiskey and Wine with the Liquor Bottle Lock

Bottle-LockAre alcohol thieves a problem for you? Flatmates polishing off your wine, kids sneaking a sip, husband hitting the bottle too much? Here’s the solution!

The Wine and Whiskey Bottle Lock fits just about any wine or spirits bottle and neatly secures your plonk from raiders.

Save that chardonnay you were looking forward to from your drunken ‘friends’. Hold your husband’s whiskey hostage until he takes out the trash. On a more serious note, save your little darlings from starting too young and a life of alcoholism.

Check out owner’s feedback here and put a stop to alcohol thieves once and for all. 

Tantalus Alcohol Bottle Lock Review

As an fan of entertaining, my home bar is always well stocked with premium spirits to serve guests. The problem was, more than a few “mystery bottles” kept ending up suspiciously empty between parties. I had a liquor bandit on my hands!

Ready to catch the culprit in the act, I installed several Tantalus smart bottle locks onto my prized selection of scotches and bourbons. No more drinking me dry uninvited – it was time to outsmart this booze swindling sneak once and for all.

The first gathering after installing my Tantalus alcohol protectors, I secretly kept the keys in my pocket as I played host, never revealing the bottles were now on lockdown.

As the night wore on, my suspicions were confirmed. I caught my brother Tom slyly jiggling whiskey bottles, perplexed about why he couldn’t pour his usual unmeasured glug. Once I let everyone in on the covert security system, we had a good laugh watching Tom’s shocked reaction at the foiling of his thieving ways.

Here’s what makes the Tantalus the ultimate alcohol protection device:

  • Elegant locking mechanism installs easily onto any bottle
  • Secure steel and aluminum design blocks access without key
  • Deters stealing and underage drinking without damaging bottles

After publicly shaming Tom with my clever contraption, he sheepishly agreed to start asking before partaking in the future. Party fouls averted!


  • Foils booze bandits and unauthorized access.
  • Makes expensive liquor gifts ultra-secure.
  • Stops children for getting into alcohol too young and ruining their lives.
  • 12 month guarantee and available here on Amazon.


  • Retrieving keys can be cumbersome when mixing cocktails.
  • Occasional jamming if over-tightened.

Once the word got out about my secure inventory, everyone wanted Tantalus liquor locks for their own bar collections. Gone are the days of disappearing top-shelf spirits – now we can rest easy knowing our prized vodka, tequila and cognac are protected. So if you’re done with freeloaders tapping your finest bottles, it’s time to lock up your liquor. With the Tantalus alcohol bottle lock, the drinks are on you and only you – just don’t misplace those keys!


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