Brave the Storm with a Lightsaber Umbrella

Lightsaber UmbrellaThe Lightsaber Umbrella will really make you stand out from the crowd at night with its iridescent glow.

This unique light up umbrella has four different color modes – green, red, blue and purple, as well as a flashing rotating color mode.

The perfect gift for any Star Wars fan and great timing with the new movies!

See people’s pictures of the different colors and check the current price here.

Review of the Lightsaber Umbrella

As a life-long Star Wars fan, I’m always seeking ways to show off my inner Jedi as I go about my daily adventures. When I saw this brilliant lightsaber umbrella, I realized rainy days could now be the perfect chance.

The first gloomy morning I stepped out wielding my illuminated sci-fi umbrella, it was a sensation. LED lights flashed vibrantly up and down the high-tech shaft, making it appear as if I carried an actual lightsaber by my side.

Passersby gawked in awe, complementing me on my impressively realistic laser sword. I proudly twirled and posed my saber sheath as I walked, embracing my new role as a beacon of pop culture joy on the otherwise dreary day.

Here’s what makes this light up umbrella a Star Wars geek’s must-have:

  • Futuristic lightsaber handle design in glossy black/silver.
  • LED lights flash multiple colors up and down the “blade” length.
  • Automatic open/close function at the push of a button.
  • Weather-resistant canopy construction: 8 ribs in fiberglass reinforced resin to protect you from powerful winds and heavy rain.
  • Made with 210 polyester fabric that has strong water repellency technology and quick drying properties.

No longer must I hide my inner Jedi! This star wars umbrella lightsaber proclaimed my fandom loud and proud to all. The Force was truly strong with this one.


  • Transformational accessory to display your Sci-Fi devotion.
  • High quality, weather-resistant construction.
  • Unique gift, 6 different colors and great value here on Amazon.


  • Hilt handle is less ergonomic than a standard curved umbrella handle after prolonged use.
  • This Star Wars umbrella attracts a lot of attention which not all introverts may want.

For any Jedi devotees seeking a more elegant weapon in their daily treks, this lightsaber umbrella is a stylish and practical way to stand out from the sea of boring brollies. Rain or shine, let your geek flag fly high and boldly go where no umbrella has gone before!


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