King of the Backyard with this Lion’s Mane for Dogs

Dog ManeDoes your dog need a self confidence boost or do you just need some funny pictures to post on Instagram? Either way check out this epic lion’s mane costume for dogs.

Barkey is sure to feel like a king with this lion’s mane on. Fitting better on larger dogs (or at least those with large necks), it’s virtually guaranteed to get more than a passing look from the neighbors when you take him out for a walk.

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Review of the Lion’s Mane Dog Costume

As the owner of a timid Labrador named Pebbles, I was on the hunt for a Halloween costume that would transform her into a ferocious beast. She trembled at the sight of cats and even mice, so decking her out as a mighty lion seemed like the perfect ironic disguise. When I discovered this realistic lion’s mane for dogs, I knew it could unleash her inner apex predator.

On Halloween night, I fastened the plush furry brown mane around Pebbles’ neck and chuckled as she instantly transformed into an African king. With the mane billowing behind her, she channeled a mighty lion ready to defend the savanna. Trick-or-treaters squealed with delight as I lead her around our neighborhood. Suddenly Pebbles had enough confidence to bark fiercely at passersby as if she ruled the suburban jungle!

Here’s some features that make this doggy lion mane great:

  • Realistic faux fur mane for that authentic lion look.
  • Adjustable fit for dogs with necks 13″-32″ around.
  • Super fun way to transform your pup for Halloween or whenever you want some funny social media pics.
  • Stimulates imagination and confidence during playtime.

Watching Pebbles embrace her new persona in the mane was hilarious and heartwarming. She may not intimidate real lions, but this costume let her tap into her wild side for once.


  • A funny way to turn any overgrown puppy into the king of beasts.
  • Completely changes the look of your dog for Halloween. Great for pictures to send to friends.
  • Comes in light or dark brown and cheap with free delivery here on Amazon.


  • Can get matted if it’s raining and you definitely don’t want to let dogs roll in the mud with this lion wig on.
  • Doesn’t look as good on dogs that already have longer fur like a Collie.

Let your domesticated dog tap into their inner lion with this hilarious canine lion mane. Fun and creativity for owners and pets alike. Just be sure to supervise your little Simba, so they don’t get too overconfident wearing their lion costume.

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