Hours of Fun for the Little Terrors with the Giant Bubble Making Kit

Giant-BubblesMake your kids the envy of all the other children with this ginormous bubble maker.

The Giant Bubble Making Kit comes with extra large wand, a carry pouch and a four ounce bottle of bubble solution to make masses of truly massive bubbles.

In fact, with this special bubble solution the bubbles are not only huge but they are also extra colorful and especially long lasting. These bubbles are so tough they can even sit on the grass and survive light rain. Pretty amazing.

Small bubble-makers just don’t cut it anymore. Check out the Giant Bubble Wand Stick Kit, here on Amazon at a low price, and get the kids off the couch and outside again.

Review of the Giant Bubble Making Wand

As a believer in the wisdom that we must maintain childlike wonder throughout life, I’m always on the hunt for fun new ways to indulge my inner kid. So when I discovered this Giant Bubble Making Wand, that promised to create bubbles up to 6 feet wide, I knew I had found my newest play tool. I couldn’t wait for the magic to arrive.

The first chance I got, I raced outside with my jug of bubble juice and ginormous bubble wand in hand, ready to unleash some serious silly. I dipped the 3-foot long mega bubble stick into the solution and hoisted it skyward, giving it a bold sweep through the air. A bubble the size of a mini cooper emerged, wobbling and billowing in the breeze! My friends and I squealed with delight, fascinated by this mesmerizing floating behemoth like tiny toddlers.

Let me tell you why this Ultimate Bubble Maker is so good:

  • Extra large 3-foot wand creates mammoth 6-foot bubbles.
  • Ultra durable wand is lightweight and easy to wave.
  • Comes with 2 gallons of premium bubble solution that’s non-toxic and certified natural.
  • Designed for outdoor family and non-stop children fun.

Soon an entire fleet of bubble titans came parading through the neighborhood courtesy of our jumbo bubble wand kits. We chased swirling orbs down sidewalks, marveling at their kaleidoscopic colors dancing in the sunlight. It was like having a tiny Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in our backyards!


  • Generates the most magically massive bubbles imaginable for awe and joy.
  • Durable wand makes giant bubble-making a breeze.
  • You get a full party set – Jumbo Bubble Wand, 2 gallons of the latest non-toxic, certified natural Bubble Mix, along with a Trick & Tips Booklet, all available here on Amazon for next to nothing.


  • Potential to get overwhelmed and smothered inside a bubble if the wind takes one your way at the wrong moment!

My only regret is not getting one of these gigantic bubble makers sooner. It’s amazing how something as simple as bubbles can unlock deep reservoirs of childlike glee and wonder in all of us. Perfect for outdoor gatherings, kids’ parties or just some solo fun on a nice sunny day, this mega bubble wand is a must-have dose of delight. Just watch your step once these big beauties start hovering around!


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