The Super-Flexible Gooseneck Smartphone & Tablet Holder

Gooseneck-Ipad-HolderAs smartphones and especially tablets have grown in popularity so have ways to use them without having to constantly hold onto them.

The best of these have a bendable gooseneck and an adjustable holder for all kinds of smartphones and tablets like iPads.

Unlike some others, this gooseneck device holder has a soft silicone grip to protect against scratching and it can fit any smartphone or tablet up to 10.1 inches.

The sturdy base attaches securely to virtually any desk, shelf, bookcase or bench and you can have your device at any angle and even rotate it a full 360 degrees.

Use it to follow recipes while cooking, watch movies or read in bed, capture videos or talk on skype, anything you can use your phone or tablet for that would be much easier hands-free!

Get the full specs, read the reviews and see people’s pics and even videos of the Gooseneck Smartphone & Tablet Holder here.