Give the Gift of Pizza: A Giant Inflatable Pizza Chair!

pizza-300x375Nieces, nephews or grandchildren are going to love this: a Giant Inflatable Pizza Chair that floats in the pool.

Soft and comfortable with digitally printed fabric for a realistic appearance, this super-sized pizza chair will make any kid the envy of all their friends. It can even be used on lakes and at the beach as the world’s weirdest pizza lilo.

Certainly a very different kind of present. Customer feedback and more pictures on Amazon here.

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Giant Inflatable Pizza Chair Review

As a hardcore pizza fanatic, I’m always seeking novelty ways to merge my pepperoni passion into everyday living. So when I came across this 5-foot wide Giant Inflatable Pizza Chair floatie, I knew pool time would never be the same. Lounging atop a massive floating cheese pie as I soaked up the sun? This was the summer accessory my marinara-loving life was missing!

Pool party day arrived and I unveiled my XL inflatable pizza slice to a crowd of envious pizza lovers. After inflating its jumbo supreme-topped design, I hopped on and drifted blissfully around the pool atop my sturdy floating feast.

It was everything I had dreamed of! Friends begged for a turn to ride the waves on this XXL pepperoni pleasure craft. Pretty soon we were bumping novelty pizza floats together, seeing who could stay atop their slice the longest as we dueled.

Here’s 4 reasons why this pizza floatie is a summer must-have:

  • 5 foot diameter provides ample lounging space.
  • Durable vinyl easily inflates/deflates for storage.
  • Vibrant printed pepperoni, sausage, peppers and cheese.
  • Designed for floating, swimming, and poolside fun.

Beyond the pool, my pizza lounger became ideal outdoor patio furniture for snacking in true pizza-lover comfort. Talk about the perfect pairing!


  • An utterly hilarious way to display your pizza passion.
  • Durable construction supports both kids and adults for maximum floating fun.


  • Watch out for hungry friends or pets trying to sneak a bite!
  • Chlorine can fade pepperoni hues over time.

What better way for pizza fanatics to make a splash than atop a jumbo inflatable cheesy raft? This creative floatie is sure to get the party started and smiles flowing freely. Pizza, pool time, and pandemonium – this oversized inflatable slice is the perfect recipe for summer fun! Just be sure to avoid any uninvited pool crustaceans trying to share your savory perch.

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