Get Your Friends Drunk with the 16 Shot Roulette Drinking Game Set

Roulette Drinking Game SetIs your idea of a good time getting your friends drunk? Looking for a gift to get your best mate completely smashed? Look no further than this 16 shot roulette drinking game.

This of course could be fun for the whole family as well, if you played with orange squash, but no one’s going to do that. This is a game for the drinkers and this roulette table can take 16 of them!

Numbered glasses and 2 metal roulette balls included as well.

A great party piece for a low price here. Cheers! But don’t blame me for the hangover.

Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Review

Looking to liven up your next party with some booze-fueled hijinks? Look no further than this drinking roulette set! This classic game provides endless drunk fun for you and your rowdy friends.

As a seasoned partier, I’m always searching for new ways to get totally hammered with my crew. The second I discovered this shot glass roulette set, I knew it would become a staple at all my house parties going forward. I mean, what’s better than combining the thrill of roulette with the joy of drinking tequila? Sign me up!

Here’s how my first drunken experience with this roulette shot game went down: I gathered all my wild party buddies in the kitchen to get started. We each took turns spinning the built-in roulette wheel on the game set tray and whatever number we landed on, we had to take the shot glass from that numbered position. Some glasses had alcohol while others had harmless water. The suspense was killing us!

As the drunken roulette wheel kept spinning, we had shot after mystery shot, sometimes grimacing from strong tequila or sighing in relief at a water slot. Things escalated quickly…let’s just say the night got crazy and the rest is a bit hazy. All I know is we woke up with the worst hangovers ever!


  • Portable set provides everything you need for drinking roulette on-the-go
  • Customizable shot options let you control the intensity
  • Games can last for hours as players get drunker and drunker


  • Easy to get dangerously drunk if you’re not careful
  • Definitely don’t drive or operate heavy machinery afterwards
  • May lead to regrettable decisions as more shots are downed

So if you and your crew are looking to push your limits and have some wild, drunken fun, look no further than the shot glass roulette drinking game set! Just be sure to hydrate and maybe have some snacks on hand. This game will undoubtedly lead to a night you’ll never remember. Bottoms up!


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