Freak Out Your Friends with the Melting Shelf Clock

Melted-ClockNormal clocks are so boring they’d be better melted. So someone did!

The melting clock’s angled design adds to the effect and instead of hanging it on the wall you place it on a counter, windowsill, bookcase, shelf or desk so that it seems like it’s slipping off the edge. In fact 2 supporting pegs on the back of the clock help keep it sitting pretty and it’s actually very stable.

This unique gift brightens up any kitchen, bedroom, living room or office and is sure to get more than a few comments.

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The Melting Shelf Clock Review

As an art aficionado, I’m always seeking creative ways to infuse surrealist flair into my home decor. So when I discovered this Melting Shelf Clock modeled after Salvador Dali’s iconic dripping timepiece painting, I knew I had found the transcendent centerpiece I’d been searching for.

The clock arrived in all its melted glory, and I eagerly hung it in my living room as a mesmerizing welcome for visitors. As expected, it was an instant conversation piece – “Is that clock broken?” “How does it still work like that?” I would then explain it was an ode to Dali’s Persistence of Memory, watching my guests marvel at this conjuring of art into functional home décor.

Here’s why this Melted Shelf Clock is such a surrealist showstopper:

  • Meticulously based on Dali’s dripping watch painting.
  • Mirrored finish reflects light across melted form.
  • Silent quarts movement keeps accurate time.
  • Sculptural presence enhances any artful living space.

Beyond being a chic art piece, the fluid form of the melting clock added an entrancing liveliness to my living room. I’d gaze at its dripping ends, catching myself get lost in imaginative daydreams bubbling up like the clocks themselves.


  • A breathtaking conversation starter that adds pop art aesthetics to any living area.
  • Can be placed on any table, shelf or cupboard and transports viewers into a dreamy surreal headspace.
  • 8 different colors and designs so you can find the perfect one for your home here on Amazon.


  • More of an art display than a practical timekeeping device. The melted shape can be disorienting.

This riveting recreation of Dali’s vision elevates any space from standard to sensational. Guests always compliment how it adds a unique element to my living room. For art and décor aficionados, it’s a must-have centerpiece. Let the melting clocks turn your strange dreams into a surreal reality!

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