Double Cube 8 Bottle Bamboo Countertop Wine Rack

Bamboo-Wine-RackThe grid design 8 bottle countertop wine rack looks great with smooth rounded corners and seamless joints.

Made of natural finish bamboo – the most sustainable and Earth-friendly wood in the world.

Multiple units can stack together for serious wine aficionados and it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

An artistic look for your own kitchen or a stylish gift for classy friends.

Check the price and see more pictures and details on Amazon.

Double Cube 8 Bottle Bamboo Countertop Wine Rack Review

As a budding wine enthusiast with a growing bottle collection, I needed an organizer that could display my vintages with style. My makeshift pile of bottles crammed onto a back shelf looked far from refined. When I discovered the sleek Double Cube wine rack, I knew my fermented friends would finally get the spotlight they deserved!

The cube-shaped bamboo racks came already assembled, which was nice (and rare these days). Carefully inserting my favorite Cabernets and Chardonnays into the geometric slots, I was glad to finally have them elegantly on display.

The rack added style and sophistication to my kitchen countertop. And many times since then friends have commented on how good the wine holder when we are selecting a bottle to complement dinner.

Here’s what makes this rack a wine lover’s must-have:

  • Made from natural and elegant bamboo.
  • Two intersecting cubes hold 8 bottles securely.
  • Convenient countertop size to display wines.
  • Minimalist grid-style design organizes bottles neatly.

Beyond storage, having my wines creatively showcased made me even more excited to crack one open after a long day. A functional sculpture that sparks joy when choosing a good wine to go with dinner.


  • Organizes wine collection attractively for kitchen display and multiple units can stack together.
  • Made from durable and sustainable bamboo.
  • Inexpensive here on Amazon.


  • You shouldn’t let this double cube wine holder sit in water on the bench top.
  • Limited capacity as it holds just 8 bottles.

For wine enthusiasts with collections outgrowing their cupboards, this Double Cube wine rack is perfect for orderly, aesthetic bottle storage. The beautiful bamboo and contemporary asymmetric design add oenophile flair to any countertop. Time to finally uncork those wines from their dark hiding spots and savor them in style.

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