The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote

Sonic-ScrewdriverDoctor Who fans rejoice! You can now take control of all your earthly entertainment systems – TV, smart phone dock, stereo, DVD/Blu-ray player – with just one all powerful programmable sonic screwdriver.

This gesture-based infrared remote control will learn the control codes from virtually any normal (and boring) remote control. Then, using simple movements you can use the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver to control all of your devices at once.

With up to 39 remote control codes, Sonic Screwdriver sound effects, illuminated green tip and hand-polished and copper-plated metal construction, your Sonic Screwdriver will look and feel just like the Doctor’s.

There’s even a stealth mode without sound and a lock code to prevent meddlesome humans changing channels.

Many detailed reviews on how to take control of all your earth based entertainment systems with your Sonic Screwdriver here on Amazon.

Review of the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote

As a life-long Doctor Who superfan, I’m always seeking ways to incorporate my fandom into everyday life. So when I discovered the Doctor’s Programmable Sonic Screwdriver  TV Remote, it felt like the ultimate blending of my Whovian obsession and home entertainment needs.

No longer would I be aimlessly clicking a boring rectangular remote – now I could channel surf with the power of the Doctor’s iconic tool in hand!

The sonic remote arrived in a collector’s display case, radiating all the Timelord splendor I craved. I eagerly swung open the case, gripped the cool metal handle, and aimed it dramatically at my TV while flicking the control. The TV fluttered on, responding to the sonic’s command! Like a happy kid, I surfed channels by twisting the screwdriver base, feeling like I had transcended dimensions straight into the TARDIS control room itself.

Some key features that make this a must-have for true Doctor Who fans:

  • Authentic die-cast metal and plastic sonic design.
  • Programmable to control nearly any audio/video device.
  • Customizable pulsating light modes to match the show’s effects.
  • Display stand for convenient storage between viewings.

Beyond channel surfing, I loved using the signature sonic sound effects to turn heads at parties. Friends constantly ask where they could get the Doctor’s legendary sci-fi gadget for their own!


  • An immersive experience for diehard Who fans.
  • Intuitive buttons/controls for easy use. The ultimate novelty TV remote control!


  • Not as ergonomic to hold as typical remotes after prolonged use.

For any Doctor Who devotees seeking to merge fandom with function, the Sonic Screwdriver remote is a must-have collectible. Why click through shows like a boring earthling when you can control your entertainment with the legendary tool of the Timelords? Allons-y!

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