The Death Star Speaker with Wireless Music Streaming

Death Star SpeakerYou might think this realistic Death Star is just for display, but it’s actually a powerful speaker, with both Bluetooth wireless connectability and direct auxiliary input.

The Death Star speaker can be paired with any Bluetooth device like your phone, tablet or laptop and will play just about any audio format, including video, games, phone calls and all kinds of music.

The speaker’s range is up to 30-feet away from the source and it can be made to light up when it’s on. You can also plug it into any device with a headphone output and use it as the main speaker in your room.

The Death Star speaker has it’s own rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours and it comes with a USB cord for both charging and hooking up to a headphone jack device.

It looks great on a desk, shelf or table and, as a very timely gift with the new movies, will blow most Star Wars fans away. More details, reviews and owner’s pictures here.