Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor Plus: A Revolutionary 3 in 1 Meat Tenderizer

Butcher-ToolCarnivores rejoice! The Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor will transform your meat eating experience forever.

The Impressor’s 60 pinpoint blades slice into meat to both tenderize it and deliver marinades deep into your steak or chicken. The result is an incredibly tender and tasty meat that cuts marinating time from hours to minutes and cuts down cooking time by up to 40%.

Chrome-plated zinc construction and dishwasher safe, the impressive Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor also comes with interchangeable smooth and course pounding plate for flattening meat, cracking seafood, crushing nuts and garlic and much more.

Do you love your meat enough to get this for your kitchen or do you have a friend the Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor would be perfect for? Read more reviews and check the price on Amazon here