Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor Plus: A Revolutionary 3 in 1 Meat Tenderizer

Butcher-ToolCarnivores rejoice! The Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor will transform your meat eating experience forever.

The Impressor’s 60 pinpoint blades slice into meat to both tenderize it and deliver marinades deep into your steak or chicken. The result is an incredibly tender and tasty meat that cuts marinating time from hours to minutes and cuts down cooking time by up to 40%.

Chrome-plated zinc construction and dishwasher safe, the impressive Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor also comes with interchangeable smooth and course pounding plate for flattening meat, cracking seafood, crushing nuts and garlic and much more.

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Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor Review

The Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor is an innovative meat preparation tool that serves dual purposes – tenderizing and pounding your meat for optimal texture and flavor. This 2-in-1 functionality makes it a versatile addition to any home cook’s kitchen.

The Impressor’s standout feature is its 60 surgical-grade stainless steel blades that pierce the meat during use. This blade action tenderizes meats by breaking down the tough muscle fibers.

The result is meat that cooks up incredibly tender with a mouthwatering texture. No need to go through the hassle of marinating meat overnight – the Impressor infuses flavor right into your meat with ease.

Another great perk is the Impressor allows you to flatten and pound meat to a uniform thickness. This is achieved with the two interchangeable pounding attachments that affix to the main handle. There is a medium coarse pounder that simultaneously flattens and tenderizes meat with each strike. For a smoother finish, use the flat pounding attachment to create restaurant-quality fillets ready for cooking.

Here are some key benefits of the Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor:

  • 60 stainless steel blades tenderize meats quickly for superior texture.
  • Achieve deeply flavorful meat without lengthy marinating.
  • Interchangeable pounder heads flatten meat to consistent thickness.
  • Creates restaurant-quality steaks, fillets, cutlets and more at home.
  • Easy to use – just a few passes penetrates meat with flavor.
  • Safe plastic blade guard protects hands while in use.
  • Easy to clean either by hand or in the dishwasher.

While the Impressor tenderizer excels at handling most meat types, it may struggle with extremely tough cuts like large roasts. The blades are designed to penetrate average meat thickness. Also, some users note the interchangeable pounder attachments can come loose if insufficient pressure is used while pounding.

Overall, the Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor is a versatile, user-friendly tool that makes prepping meat an effortless process. With its ingenious dual-purpose design, home cooks can achieve tender, flavor-infused meats ready for cooking in minimal time. Novice and experienced cooks alike will benefit from the Impressor taking their culinary creations to the next level. Check it out here on Amazon.

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