Black Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Evil Cats!

Black Cat Unicorn HatIs your cat an evil overload at heart, hell-bent on destroying the universe (after he finishes with your house)?

Perhaps he’s just a little goth or emo. Either way, cats go wild for the dark powers of the black inflatable unicorn horn for cats.

It’s the same design as the bestselling white unicorn horn for good cats, only as dark and twisted as your feline master’s soul.

With the four-point elastic strap system designed to comfortably hold the horn on kitty’s evil head, it’s perfect for battling other Catnicorns for dominance of the neighborhood.

Careful with this one here on Amazon though. Many owners have found the epic power of the inflatable evil unicorn horn for cats far more powerful than they ever imagined!

Review of the Inflatable Evil Unicorn Horn for Cats

Let me tell you about the new must-have accessory that no furry feline friend should be without – the blow up unicorn horn for evil cats. As soon as I laid eyes on this devilish headpiece, I just knew my little Lord Voldemort was going to look purr-fect wearing it.

The moment I slid the black cat unicorn horn onto Morty’s head, he transformed from a mild-mannered house pet into a nefarious beast on a quest for world domination.

With his new scary sharp horn and malevolent glare, he truly lives up to his name now as an evil unicorn cat. We practiced his evil laugh together in front of the mirror and I swear this inflatable unicorn horn for black cats has turned Morty from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.

This inflatable unicorn horn for black cats has a hard plastic base that keeps it sturdy on their head, while the soft inflatable spiral horn adds realistic texture. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to inflate and how well it stayed inflated during use. The adjustable chin strap ensures a custom fit for cats of all sizes from tiny kittens to chunky cats.

Not only does it make your feline look like a ferocious beast, but it seems to give them a major confidence boost too. Morty struts around the house now with his head held high, proudly showing off his new unicorn horn to terrorize the neighborhood dogs.

Of course, no product is perfect. The main con I’ve noticed is that the horn does tend to slide around on some cats’ heads when they’re being active. A little repositioning is needed from time to time to keep it centered. It’s also not quite as rigid as I expected – the spiral horn has some bend and flex to it.

But overall, if you’re looking to unleash your cat’s inner villain, look no further than the inflatable evil unicorn horn for cats! With the right cat, like my Morty, this horn can transform them from a sweet pet into a wicked monster. Though be warned, you may end up with a tiny terrorist ruling your home. I know I’m helplessly at the mercy of my new evil overlord. All hail Lord Voldemort!

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