Beautify Your Living Room with this Unique Pinecone Ceiling Shade

Pinecone ShadeSurely a beautiful talking point for any living room or master bedroom, this interesting Pinecone Inspired Ceiling Shade illuminates with a soft ambient light.

Scandinavian designed and made from real oak wood, at 9.84 inches wide and deep it’s not a small light fitting and probably not for smaller rooms.

Something like this deserves the center of a big room anyway don’t you think?

A stylish and unusual gift that people will notice. Check out people’s home pictures here on Amazon.

Pinecone Ceiling Light Shade Review

My living room décor was in desperate need of an organic update to balance the more modern furniture. But standard lighting options all felt too expected and sterile. As I looked for inspiration, I found the pinecone chandelier. Finally, a lighting centerpiece with a beautiful natural look and cozy ambiance.

Some key features that make this pinecone ceiling fixture shine:

  • Provides organic elegance with real oak wood texture.
  • Unique, nature-inspired take on traditional pendant lights.
  • The pinecone canopy softens and distributes light in a gentle way.
  • The warm lighting complements any home or apartment.

On slow Netflix nights I’d sometimes catch myself smiling upward, noticing the intricate oak wood details illuminated in the glow. This pinecone ceiling shade really improved the look and feel of my apartment.



  • The usual design can make changing bulbs a little challenging.
  • Does require home assembly.

If your home lighting could use an earthy upgrade, a pinecone ceiling light fixture will illuminate any room with rustic splendor. Trading sterile plastic fixtures for natural materials results in a warmer, comfier ambiance. It’s amazing how a simple pinecone chandelier can infuse new life into a space and inspire new decorative perspectives. Embrace your inner crafter and let your home glow with eco cool!

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