Arctic Force Snowball Maker & Thrower

Snowball-MakerFling snowballs further than ever before with Arctic Force Snowball Maker & Thrower.

With a built in snow scoop and snowball maker you can launch snowballs up to 150 feet and master the winter battlefield!

Simple to use and with an ergonomic design that keeps your gloves warm and dry, the Arctic Force Snowball Maker & Thrower is a great Christmas gift for small and big kids alike.

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Nap Anywhere with the Ostrich Pillow

OSTRICH-PILLOWThe awesome ostrich pillow is perfect for napping at your desk, on public transport, at the airport or on a plane. It turns just about anywhere into a relaxing place to catch some shut eye.

Much more comfortable than old blow up neck pillows, the ostrich pillow covers your eyes and keeps things dark with a place for both your arms and a large area for your nose and mouth.

Naps are proven to be good for you so join the napping revolution and sleep in comfort wherever and whenever you want with the ostrich pillow.

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Sneak In Your Drinks with the Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask

Hidden drink flaskNeed to sneak your drink into a concert, poolside bar, sporting match, boring work meetings?

These brilliant hidden flasks look just like sunscreen tubes but actually hold the alcohol of your choice. Up to 16 ounces of the good stuff with the two sunscreen tubes.

They come with an extra wide mouth and have a small funnel included to fill up. The screw cap provides an air-tight seal to prevent any leaking of liquid and you’d have to be seriously unlucky to have security check these.

Number 1 bestseller in Amazon for drink flasks and well rated. Read more reviews here.

Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for the Shower

Wireless Waterproof SpeakerDo you love to sing in the shower but need your music to sing along with Miley and Justin?

Can’t afford to miss a call while you’re washing your hair? Then this wireless waterproof speaker might just be perfect for you.

It sticks to any surface, has great sound, can skip songs, increase or decrease the volume and even answer phone calls with the built in microphone, all while you dance around under the shower.

Using Bluetooth it connects to any smartphone and plays for up to 15 hours (though some reviewers say it lasts for months).

Check the price and see all the different colors here. Lots of reviews too, including videos. This one is popular! 

Get Your Friends Drunk with the 16 Shot Roulette Drinking Game Set

Roulette Drinking Game SetIs your idea of a good time getting your friends drunk? Looking for a gift to get your best mate completely smashed? Look no further than this 16 Shot Roulette Drinking Game.

This of course could be fun for the whole family as well, if you played with orange squash, but no one’s going to do that. This is a game for the drinkers and this roulette table can take 16 of them!

Numbered glasses and 2 metal roulette balls included as well.

A great party piece for a low price. Cheers! But don’t blame me for the hangover.


The Healing Power of Bacon Bandages

Healing Bacon BandagesScientists have recently discovered the astounding healing power of bacon for minor cuts and scraps. Have it always on hand with these 15 die-cut sterile bacon strips in a tin. Absorbent, long lasting, adhesive and very bacon-like!

If there’s a cooler band-aid out there I’ve never seen it. Though make sure you don’t start deliberately falling over in the park just so you can wear one of these.

A great gift and conversation starter, but probably not a late night snack. Also beware of hungry bacon lovers sizing up your arm or leg when you wear one of these.

Read about other people’s dramatic experiences with the healing power of bacon bandages on Amazon now.


Challenge Your Friends with the Ultimate Thumb Wrestling Ring

ThumbWrestling RingThumb wrestling is an epically cool pastime for armchair athletes. Take it to the next level with this wrestling ring made for thumbs of all shapes and sizes.

Complete with high impact and shock resistant handle and flexible ropes, this thumb wrestling arena can handle some serious contests.

Keep it on the coffee table to challenge friends, take it as a gift to a birthday party and watch everyone want to have a go or even take on random strangers on the bus and become the ultimate thumb wrestling warrior!

An inexpensive gift with lots of positive comments from fellow thumb wrestlers. Read more reviews on Amazon here.


The Worst Gift Made Better: Men’s Rugby Sneaker Socks

Rugby Sneaker SocksSocks have always been one of the worst gifts you can get but not these unusual men’s rugby sneaker socks.

Take off your shoes and you’re sure to get a few double-takes and compliments with the realistic converse and rugby socks look.

They come in a few different colors, including brown and blue and the red and blue shown here. The size is men’s 10 – 13 and the majority of people say they fit as expected.

With these rugby sneaker socks on you don’t have to take to your shoes off at the door anymore.

Check the price and read the many customer reviews on Amazon here.