Hear Fluffy Roar with this Cute Lion’s Mane for Cats

Cat ManeIs your cat feeling jealous after you got the Lion’s Mane for Dogs for Fido and he’s been strutting around the place like a king?

Get Miss FluffyPaws a lionly upgrade too with this highly cute Lion’s Mane for Cats.

Also great for puppies and small dogs. Just think of the photo opportunities.

Many positive reviews and at a low price on Amazon to turn your kitty into the lion you know they’ve secretly always wanted to be.

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King of the Backyard with this Lion’s Mane for Dogs

Dog ManeDoes your dog need a self confidence boost or do you just need some funny pictures to post on facebook? Either way check out this epic lion’s mane for dogs.

Barkey is sure to feel like a king with this lion’s mane on. Fitting better on larger dogs (or at least those with large necks), it’s virtually guaranteed to get more than a passing look from the neighbors when you take him out for a walk.

Number 1 in dog costumes on Amazon with lots more pictures. Check out the many reviews here.

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Black Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Evil Cats!

Black Cat Unicorn HatIs your cat an evil overload at heart, hell-bent on destroying the universe (after he finishes with your house)?

Perhaps he’s just a little goth or emo. Either way, cats go wild for the dark powers of the black inflatable unicorn horn for cats.

It’s the same design as the bestselling white unicorn horn for good cats, only as dark and twisted as your feline master’s soul.

With the four-point elastic strap system designed to comfortably hold the horn on kitty’s evil head, it’s perfect for battling other Catnicorns for dominance of the neighborhood.

Careful with this one though. Many reviewers have found the epic power of the inflatable evil unicorn horn for cats far more to handle than they ever expected!

The Power of the Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats!

Unicorn CatIt’s not very well known that cats love to dress up. Your kitty might pretend to be the grumpy and superior king of the household but just wait till they try on this magical inflatable unicorn horn designed just for cats.

With four-point elastic straps to hold the horn comfortably on Mr FluffyPaws’s head, your cat will love showing off their new found unicorness and turn into the playful and affectionate feline you always wanted them to be.

There are tales aplenty of the almost mystical powers your cat will gain once he becomes a Catnicorn! Are you brave enough to give it a try?

If your cat is a little more from the dark side then try the Black Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Evil Cats instead.