Rainy Pot — For Cute and Happy Pot Plants

Rainy-Pot1-400x1196Rainy Pots hang on indoor or outdoor walls and are designed to gently water your pot plants so their roots aren’t damaged and the grow stronger and happier.

You fill the cute clouds above the pot plant with water and it slowly drips down like rain. It’s a simple idea that both looks good and works well.

Where would you hang your Rainy Pot?

Available in different colors on Amazon now.

Review of the Rainy Pot Plant Waterer

I love my pot plants hanging against the wall, but inconsistent waterings were leaving their leaves limp and thirsty. When I discovered the adorable Rainy Pot cloud waterer, I knew my plant care troubles would be sprinkled away by this cute addition to my wall garden.

As soon as I hung the charming white cloud above my parched ferns, it began lightly drizzling water down on their leaves just like a sweet spring rain shower. Within days, my formerly droopy plants perked up with vibrant color again thanks to more consistent watering – the Rainy Pot kept every plant perfectly hydrated.

Here’s what makes the Rainy Pot such a smart idea:

  • Automates plant watering for consistent hydration.
  • Cute cloud design hangs overhead and gently rains on plants.
  • Perfect for wall hanging or indoor herbs, ferns, orchids and more.
  • Adorable design adds flair to any wall garden for a cheap price here on Amazon.

The only negative is that this cloud plant pot design isn’t made for large plants, only smaller potted ones.

Even so, the Rainy Pot is a game changing plant care upgrade for ferns, herbs and small flowering plants. Its simple design takes the guesswork out of hydration. Happy plants and easier care? That’s my kind of rainy day!

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