Fireglass — Ice on Fire!

fireglass blueFireglass dramatically changes your fireplace or fire pit. Replace dirty and tired looking burning logs, lava rocks or coal with elegant fireglass and completely transform the look of any living room with a fireplace or outdoor fire area.

Fireglass is pure tempered glass polished to sparkle like diamonds with flames dancing across them. It’s not just about beauty and elegance though.

Fireglass like this produces much more heat with the same amount of gas and absorbs and radiates it better than any of the older methods like fire stones or ceramic logs.

It is made to withstand very high temperatures, doesn’t change no matter how much you heat it and never needs to be replenished or replaced.

Unlike coal or wood, fireglass produces no harmful or polluting emissions, there are no ashes to clean up and it looks great whether the fire is on or not.

Transform your tired old fireplace or fire pit into an attention grabbing decorative feature with new fireglass.

It comes in a great variety of colors and you can read people’s reviews and see pictures of fireglass in their homes here.

For something really different, you can also create vivid colored flames in your firepit with these rainbow flame crystals.