Bliss Out with the Ocean Wave Relaxation Projector

Wave ProjectorThis is something different.

The Ocean Wave Relaxation Projector is a small projection lamp that creates a sparkling wave effect on any ceiling or wall.

Use it in your bedroom, bathroom or living room to transform it into a place of peace and calm, or just bliss out to the trippy colors.

Powered by either plug in A/C or batteries, the Ocean Wave Relaxation Projector is also a speaker that you can connect your mp3 player or phone to and play music.

Other features include a switch to change colors and auto shutdown after an hour. Really though, this little device is all about relaxing in your bed or transforming your living room into an underwater paradise.

Check the price and what other people have to say on Amazon. 800+ mostly positive reviews and many customer questions answered here.


  1. deidre caldwell says

    Where can I buy the relaxing wave????

  2. Evelyn Palmisciano says

    I think your stuff is way too cool.OMG the bacon bandages and the sun screen such great ideas.

    • Thanks Evelyn,

      I’m only interested in really unusual gifts like the ocean wave projector, bacon bandages and the like :-)

      All the best

  3. Can the wave thing stay on longer than the 1 hour?!

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