Mystical Rainbow Flame Crystals: Transforms Any Fire

Magic FireCalling all pyromaniacs, wannabe magicians and any parents that would rather have the kids detach from their phone for half an hour and watch the fireplace or campfire instead.

Just sprinkle a few shakes of these Rainbow Fireplace Flame Crystals onto any fire to create spectacular and mystical green and blue flames.

These Rainbow Flame Crystals work with any indoor or outdoor wood fire and can be used with fireplaces, fire pits and camp fires with dazzling effect.

Use this over Christmas or Thanksgiving and make your fireplace the center of conversation or just the next time you’re out camping.

There’s 12 Rainbow Fireplace Flame Crystals in a pack and they last about 30 minutes each.

Surprisingly good value here for both small and big kids whenever you have a fire.

Death Wish Coffee: The World’s Strongest Java

Death Wish Coffee BeansAmericans love their coffee but do you love it enough to try Death Wish Coffee, the world’s strongest java?

This insanely strong coffee is heavily roasted, highly caffeinated and very flavorful. Also fair-trade and organic coffee beans so I guess that makes it good for you…or maybe not.

Not for the timid (or those with heart tremors). Read the many and often hilarious reviews of Death Wish Coffee here.

Bliss Out with the Ocean Wave Relaxation Projector

Wave ProjectorThis is something different.

The Ocean Wave Relaxation Projector is a small projection lamp that creates a sparkling wave effect on any ceiling or wall.

Use it in your bedroom, bathroom or living room to transform it into a place of peace and calm, or just bliss out to the trippy colors.

Powered by either plug in A/C or batteries, the Ocean Wave Relaxation Projector is also a speaker that you can connect your mp3 player or phone to and play music.

Other features include a switch to change colors and auto shutdown after an hour. Really though, this little device is all about relaxing in your bed or transforming your living room into an underwater paradise.

Check the price and what other people have to say on Amazon. 800+ mostly positive reviews and many customer questions answered here.

Fireglass — Ice on Fire!

fireglass blueFireglass dramatically changes your fireplace or fire pit. Replace dirty and tired looking fire logs, lava rocks or wood with elegant fireglass and dramatically change the look of any room or outdoor area.

Fireglass is pure tempered glass polished to sparkle like diamonds with flames dancing across them. It’s not just about beauty and elegance though.

Fireglass like this produces much more heat with the same amount of gas and absorbs and radiates it better than any of the older methods like fire stones or ceramic logs.

It is made to withstand very high temperatures, doesn’t change no matter how much you heat it and never needs to be replenished or replaced. Unlike coal or wood, fireglass produces no harmful or polluting emissions, there are no ashes to clean up and it looks great whether the fire is on or not.

Transform your tired old fireplace or fire pit into an attention grabbing decorative feature with new fireglass. It comes in a great variety of colors and you can read people’s reviews and see pictures of fireglass in their homes here.


Sensual Scalp Sensations with the Rainbow Spider Head Massager

Rainbow Head MassagerThis is one spider you’ll actually like!

Spider head massagers stimulate the many pressure points on your scalp for a unique tingling sensation followed by deep relaxation. Perfect for unwinding after a hard day at the office.

Batteries aren’t needed and you can use it on yourself, or better still, rope someone into being your personal head massaging slave. It won’t be long before they’re begging to swap and give the rainbow spider a try.

These brightly colored head massagers are well made and really hit the spot according to the many positive reviews. Apparently even dogs love them!

They also make great gifts that you can use on your friend straight away. Just don’t try it yourself before you give it away or you’re going to need another gift.

Over 100 positive reviews! See what people are saying about the rainbow spider head massager here.


Brave the Storm with a Lightsaber Umbrella

Lightsaber UmbrellaThe Lightsaber Umbrella will really make you stand out from the crowd at night with its iridescent glow.

This unique umbrella has four different color modes – green, red, blue and purple, as well as a flashing rotating color mode.

The perfect gift for any Star Wars fan and great timing with the new movies!

See pictures of the different colors and read the many reviews here.


Keep Track of the Little Things in Life with Lil’ Holster

Lil-Holster-Mini-400x897The Lil’ Holster clings securely to virtually any smooth surface and is the perfect storage solution for all those smaller things that usually end up lost or a mess.

Use it in the shower for razors and toiletries; in the bathroom for brushes, makeup, toothbrushes and toothpaste; in the kitchen beside the sink; off your desk at work; at the front door for keys; just about anywhere you’d like to keep frequently used small objects tidy yet at easy arm’s reach.

The Lil’ Holster comes in a rainbow of colors, is made of tough and durable silicone and has holes in the bottom to drain water and keep everything dry and ready to use.

A fun and stylish new way to keep track of all the little things in life available at Amazon now.

Zombie Gnomes are Risen! Your Garden Will Never be the Same

Zombie GnomesGarden gnomes everywhere are turning. Prepare for the undead zombie gnome apocalypse!

Frighten children, dogs and especially the neighbors normal gnomes with these terrifying zombie gnomes.

Made of heavy handcrafted terracotta and painted with weather resistant paint, these zombie gnomes are sure to get some double-takes.

Invite the brain craving undead gnome army into your garden with the Zombie Crawler Gnome and Undead Standing Gnome here.


The Progressive Can Colander — A Simple Timesaver

Can-Colander-400x523This handy can strainer quickly drains all the liquid from canned tuna, vegetables and any other food that comes in a can.

You simply place this can colander over the opening and press to get rid of all that salty brine or unhealthy oil.

Safe and easy to use, it also keeps fingers free from fishy smells and is dishwasher safe.

A low price on Amazon for this helpful addition to your kitchen.

Rainy Pot — For Cute and Happy Indoor Pot Plants

Rainy-Pot1-400x1196Rainy Pots hang on indoor or outdoor walls and are designed to gently water your pot plants so their roots aren’t damaged and the grow stronger and happier.

You fill the cute clouds above the pot plant with water and it slowly drips down like rain. It’s a simple idea that both looks good and works well.

Where would you hang your Rainy Pot?

Available in different colors on Amazon now.

Make the Best S’Mores Ever with the Progressive Microwave S’mores Maker

Smores-Maker-400x1196S’mores, everyone’s favorite campfire treat, is now super easy to make at home in just 30 seconds.

This well thought out microwave s’mores maker has two special arms to stop marshmallows from swelling too much and running or getting overcooked.

It’s BPA free construction and has a water reservoir you fill to make sure that everything is evenly heated.

You can also try it with crackers, cheese and ham or other savory or sweet combinations for a delicious snack in half a minute flat.

A great gift at a low price on Amazon now. 

Hear Fluffy Roar with this Cute Lion’s Mane for Cats

Cat ManeIs your cat feeling jealous after you got the Lion’s Mane for Dogs for Fido and he’s been strutting around the place like a king?

Get Miss FluffyPaws a lionly upgrade too with this highly cute Lion’s Mane for Cats.

Also great for puppies and small dogs. Just think of the photo opportunities.

Many positive reviews and at a low price on Amazon to turn your kitty into the lion you know they’ve secretly always wanted to be.

Also check out the Magical Unicorn Horn for Cats here.


King of the Backyard with this Lion’s Mane for Dogs

Dog ManeDoes your dog need a self confidence boost or do you just need some funny pictures to post on facebook? Either way check out this epic lion’s mane for dogs.

Barkey is sure to feel like a king with this lion’s mane on. Fitting better on larger dogs (or at least those with large necks), it’s virtually guaranteed to get more than a passing look from the neighbors when you take him out for a walk.

Number 1 in dog costumes on Amazon with lots more pictures. Check out the many reviews here.

Also check out the Cute Lion’s Mane for Cats as well

Get Healthy with the Kitchen Active Spiralizer Vegetable Pasta Maker

Spiralizer-400x1323This brilliant and easy to use spiralizer will quickly become a favorite in your kitchen. With a few twists you can quickly turn whole vegetables into delicious and extremely healthy noodles.

It’s perfect for adding more nutrition to any meal, without fattening grains, as well as making amazing looking and tasting salads, side serves and garnishes.

A great weight loss aid and simple way to get your children to eat their veggies!

  • Fits in your hand, BPA free and easy to operate.
  • High quality Japanese made blades for quick slicing.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy clean.
  • A great gift for anyone who enjoys quick and healthy cooking.

At a great price at Amazon with many positive reviews, users pictures and questions answered.

Double Cube 8 Bottle Bamboo Countertop Wine Rack

Bamboo-Wine-RackThe grid design 8 bottle countertop wine rack looks great with smooth rounded corners and seamless joints.

Made of natural finish bamboo – the most sustainable and Earth-friendly wood in the world.

Multiple units can stack together for serious wine aficionados and it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

An artistic look for your own kitchen or a stylish gift for classy friends.

More pictures and details on Amazon.

Be Awesome Inspirational Coffee Mug

Be-awesome-mugInspire someone you care about to “Be Awesome” with this beautiful and inspirational coffee mug.

Printed with a dishwasher safe motivational message to get the day started off in the right frame of mind.

This reviewer said: “Sent this to my son who moved very far from all of the family for job experience, he was needing a pick me up & this did it!! He says he uses it everyday and it reminds him of how much we all love & support him!!”

A great gift for the right person. Check the price and see more reviews on Amazon.

Super Moon In My Room

Super-Moon-In-My-RoomIlluminate your children’s bedroom with this vivid and realistic moon. It attaches to any wall and features a built-in lunar clock that matches the current phase of the moon, all controlled by remote control.

It’s detailed to look just like the real moon and includes a solar eclipse light effect as well as the ability to play soothing nighttime sounds and moon landing sound effects. An automatic timer-switch turns the moon’s light off after 30 minutes.

The Supermoon In My Room is a fascinating gift for parents looking for both a comforting nightlight and a way to inspire children to learn more about the moon.

Read the many positive reviews and check the price on Amazon here.

Make Amazing Waffles with the Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Maker

Egg-Waffle-MakerThe unique Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Iron creates delicious puffy egg waffles that are crispy on the outside and melt in the mouth soft on the inside.

This specially designed and USA made waffle pan has a rugged construction and PFOA-free nonstick cooking surface for stick-free release of your waffles. The hinged and interlocking waffle pans separate for easy cleanup whenever you make up these amazing waffles for breakfast or brunch.

Waffle mixture recipe included and a 10 year warranty.

An unusual gift idea or just a great addition to your kitchen, the Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Maker is available at Amazon here.

The Glo Ball Night Light with Portable Glowing Balls

Glo-Ball-Nightlight-300x484The Glo Ball Night Light has glowing, removable and color changing glo balls that make for an amazing night light.

The phosphorescent balls don’t get warm, they won’t break and there’s nothing electronic in them, so kids can have them in their bed or even play in the dark with them. The glow fades out after 30 minutes helping young children fall asleep easily.

Kids can choose their favorite color with a switch or keep the colors rotating and the glo balls are completely BpA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free.

A great gift for families with younger children. More pictures, dimensions and reviews on Amazon.

Magical Colored Flames for Your Fire

color-flames-400x1197If you like a good campfire or Winter fireplace then you’ll love Magical Flames.

Just throw a packet or two into a campfire, fire pit or fireplace and watch the flames turn brilliant greens, blues, reds and purples!

It really does look like magic and you can enjoy the beautiful colored flames for up to 3 hours.

You can create this amazing mystical fire in any wood burning fire, both indoors and outdoors. Great for camping trips and family gatherings like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Read more about Magical Flames and see people’s pictures of what to expect here.